Homemade Meringue Cookies

We love Miss Meringue cookies. We used to buy them at Acme, but they stopped selling them. :(
Then we found them at ShopRite, but only sometimes and sometimes no extra money to buy them, they are kinda expensive at $5 a container. :(

So, I found this recipe online at The Novice Chef, they look just like Miss Meringue cookies, so we decided to try them out, and we love them.  Been making them for months.

Of course I had to adapt the recipe, substitutions.
*I use these ingredients:
Meringue powder, in my opinion, is better than egg whites, no chance of spoilage, contamination of yolk, or sickness if under cooked. And I might say is way easier, just mix 2 teaspoons powder and 2 Tablespoons water, and presto, 1 egg white.
Kinda expensive, cause we have only found it at ACMoore, but oh so worth it, lasts awhile.

Here is the mixture after heating on stove:

Here it is after whipping it into a frenzy on setting 8 on mixer for about 5 or so minutes:

And here they are after piping onto airbake parchment lined cookie sheets, love the glossiness of them:

Our oven only has a low of 200, so that is what I use and I do cook them for 2 hours and rotate pans halfway through. Then turn oven off and then they just sit in the oven with the light on all day until dinner dishes get done so they can dry and dry and dry. Then they get carefully stored.

These are oh so yummy, super easy with a stand mixer, and last awhile in a Ball canning jar. It is very important to keep them airtight and cool, otherwise they get sticky and gummy tasting, yuck.

This batch I got 118. I know mine don’t look like Miss Meringue or even like the recipe sample, the decorating tip I have that is closest to what she uses is a Wilton 32 star tip, doesn’t make good kisses, so I do a swirl like effect for mine. Doesn’t hurt the taste any though, even if you get an air bubble and it just sort of goops out of bag, lol.

In the calculator I got 48 calories for 2 cookies. Not bad.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Yeah, I am still sick, well, actually I’m better than I was but still yuck, this cough must go.
Had to make the meringues and unlike the last few days cooking, I didn’t have to keep stopping to sneeze or blow nose or cough for awhile, ah, much better, hopefully soon all better. We both actually made it through homeschool today only coughing a couple times each.

“Some people just don’t have what it takes to appreciate a cookie.”
James Patterson, The Angel Experiment

Bye for now.
Mama T